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We are glad to announce that we are putting the last drops on our new serious game. Take a caveman's life in your hands and guide him on the (not so friendly) Stone Age!

Have a better look on this page!


Become a great project manager, by taking control of a space station! Have a look at our new game, SoftSkills!

New Obesity Game

We will soon be starting the development of a new game! This game will revolve around preventing obesity in young children, but is also about raising awareness on obesity and eating behaviour with the parents.

Last Friday, 10/10/2014, we had a whole day brainstorming session with the entire team. All disciplines were involved: art, design, programming. For this session we also invited some well-reputed experts in food dietary science from an international research institute. The day has resulted in many good ideas and suggestions for the game's design. As this project is still in its pre-production phase, we will give you more updates and details when they become available.

The Grendel Team

Usually we update everyone about our projects and other important things, but we wanted to do something else this time. So that's why we will start a round of interviews amongst our employees. Asking about how they started here at Grendel Games, what they are working on and what they like to do.

We thought it would be nice to share the experiences of our employees. Videogame development requires teamwork, skill and dedication. How do our people experience this? Let's find out!

We've added the first interview to our Developer Blog page and you can read it by clicking here

Fryslân Dok - Gaming Fryslân

In case you missed it, or maybe you just want to watch it again, the documentary Fryslân DOK - Gaming Fryslân will be shown on TV again! At 17:00 on sunday the 17th of August the documentary will be broadcasted on Omrop Fryslân. It will also be broadcasted on Nederland 2, at 10:30 on saturday the 16th of August and 15:30 on sunday the 17th of August.