Underground is an innovative new serious game being developed by Grendel Games, in close cooperation with UMCG and LIMIS. This game is truly a 'seriously entertaining' experience, offering a fun and immersive entertainment game that's also capable of training laparoscopic surgery motor skills.

Serious fun

We feel that one of the most effective ways of teaching anyone new skills is by performing the training in a fun and playful way. Kids learn new skills this way all the time and presently we try to do the same using videogames.

Finding a solution

Skills training using traditional simulators has been troublesome for hospitals for some time. The fairly expensive simulators are not a lot of fun to use, discouraging specialists from using them often. We're trying to change training into an immersive experience. Instead of focusing solely on the mechanics of training, we offer to submerge the player in a rich and engaging fantasy universe. A custom designed game-controller that is fully compatible with existing Wii and Wii U hardware mimics laparoscopic equipment and simulates surgery motion to a very high degree of accuracy. This game-controller is used to play the game with.

Welcome to Underground

We invite players into the world of Sari and Swank, brave heroes in a world filled with challenging puzzles and fascinating locations. Players accompany Sari and Swank in their quest, helping them navigate and overcome obstacles, all the while subconsciously honing their skills.

The best of both worlds

We want to help people learn or improve skills in such a way that isn’t perceived as cumbersome but as fun and enjoying. We think that simply sugar-coating current means of training isn’t going to suffice and that is why we created Underground. By combining entertainment and education, we’ve created a game that is well-balanced and allows people to both improve their skills and enjoy doing so.

Fun for everyone

Underground is incredibly fun, unique in gameplay and truly addictive. But that’s not all, because people can play this at home. By using the Wii U’s GamePad we can deliver the same experience on your doorstep, without compromising on the elements of gameplay. We firmly believe that Underground will be a blast to play for everyone: surgeon, gamer or would-be-doctor alike.


Underground is currently being researched, to validate multiple aspects of the game. The first study, about construct and concurrent validity, has been successfully completed. The conclusion and details of the study can be found and read here!


Underground was awarded with two Dutch Game Awards on the 19th of November 2013. These awards were for ‘Best Serious Game’ and ‘Best Applied Game’ Design.

External link

You can obtain further information on our official website.